Condako is an innovative company specialized in the development of non wovens, specialty films, composites and web adhesives for the Automotive Industry.

We have a long experience in the Automotive Industry and are familiar with all requirements related to supplying to the Automotive Industry.

We are focused on developing the optimal solution for your functional requirements and production processes, independent of technology and machine capabilities.

Our designs are not driven by a specific technology, but primarily based on your functional requirements and processes. Only in the second phase the right technology is selected. This independency of technology asssures you of the most cost effective solutions for your needs. 

The products we design are produced within a global network of specialist partner companies, giving our customers the possibility to source as much as possible locally.

We offer a wide range of film extrusion methods for the production of barrier films (Dichtfolien, Sperrfolien), adhesive films, PA66 films and carpet protection films. We also offer a diverse selection of non woven technologies like needle punching (nontissés aiguilleté, Nadelvlies), spunbond (Spinnvlies) and spunlace (Nontissés Hydroliés, Wasserstrahlvlies). Furthermore, we are able to make multilayer composites like coated non woven and cable wrap, with different lamination technologies.

Next to a wide range of standard products and technologies, we offer a range of services to support our customers.